Perfect Hack for all your travel woes

(Last Updated On: August 25, 2017)

Back in the day, having a personal assistant was a privilege afforded to a few. Today, anyone can have a PA at all times no matter where they go, thanks to a marvelous little app. Haptik is a handy companion that can make travel-related tasks easy and save you oodles of precious time. Instead of dealing with the mundane, it does it for you quickly and efficiently. The app is chat-based, which means you need to send your query in a message. Once the assistant at the other end receives it, he or she handles the query and gets back to you with an answer.

Looking for Cheapest Flights: Go Nowhere

Why waste time scouting different websites trying to find the cheapest flights? With Haptik you’re guaranteed the cheapest fares! In fact, if you can find lower priced fares on any website, you’ll receive a cashback of the difference too! What’s more, you can set fare alerts on the cheapest flights so you can make a booking right then.
Haptik helps you stay updated on your booking too by letting you track your live flight status with simply a message.

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Web Check-ins: Never Been So Easy

Don’t you hate waiting in line at the airport check-in counter? It’s time-consuming and downright boring. With Haptik, you don’t have to! The web check-in facility lets you confirm your seat through the app without having to go to the website to do it, cutting down time and giving you your seat of choice. The app also prompts, when the web check-in options open.


Never Forget a Thing

It’s easy to forget the little things when your day is backed up with meetings, to-do’s and what you have to do. Instead of trying to remember everything, let Haptik do it for you. Set a reminder to get your daily dose of H2O, do your workout and even wake up on time. The app gives you a phone call as a reminder and also gives you timely reminders through notifications.


Find Everything in Vicinity

It can be a hassle trying to find places when traveling somewhere new. It also eats into your time. But, it does not have to be this way; Haptik does the searching for you and points you towards nearby ATMs, petrol pumps, hospitals and more.


Hola, a Cab for You!

Between packing and trying to finish everything on your checklist, getting to the airport in time can be a bit of a challenge. Things get worse if you need to catch a flight at ungodly hours. Enter Haptik, the solution for your cab woes. Instead of rushing out the door only to be kept waiting, frantically trying to hail a cab, you can schedule it well in advance.


Made in India, for India!

  • Haptik is an Indian-made app that’s tailored for use in India. Rather than solely use bots to handle queries, it merges AI and human assistance to help you find what you need. You can use it from anywhere in the country, whether you’re sitting in your office in a bustling metropolis or busy at home in the suburbs.
  • Haptik knows that today’s Indian is always on the go whether at 12 pm or 12 am, which is why it’s at your service at any time of the day. If you need to book a cab in the middle of the night or need help finding an ATM at 4 in the morning, you can bank on it. As if that weren’t enough, Haptik helps you find the nearest free Wi-Fi hotspots. Just let your assistant know you want a free hotspot and it will find one for you.
  • Haptik is FREE! That’s right, you don’t need to pay a thing despite the numerous features it offers.

Find us on Apple and Play Stores

Haptik is available for IOS and Android users. Visit the App Store or Google Play, search for Haptik, install it and use it whenever you have to. So far, it has over 1 Million downloads on Google Play, a testament to just how popular Haptik is.

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First it was the personal computer. Then it was the laptop. Now it’s the cell phone. Mobile phones have become intrinsic to modern life and the number of apps available for every task is huge. With Haptik, you can consolidate different tasks into one app. No more cluttered desktops and shifting from one program to another. Just pull up the features you want to use, send your query and receive an answer in minutes. Download Haptik today and let it simplify your life with just a few clicks.


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