Best Time to Visit Goa to Make Your Trip Unforgettable

(Last Updated On: August 25, 2017)

Goa is a tropical beauty that enchants every traveler with beaches so spectacular that they take your breath away and nightlife so dynamic that it leaves you gasping for breath. Wondering what is the best time to visit Goa-the ubiquitous party capital of Goa? Well, we say that the best time is whenever you wish to enjoy the adventure and tranquility for which Goa is famous.

The months of November to March attracts the largest number of tourists due to its New year’s and Christmas celebrations. However, the off seasons are not too vacant here as many tourists keep coming here during the months of summer for getting the advantage of cheaper expenditure on the vacation.

Monsoons are increasingly become popular among travel enthusiasts to indulge in adventurous excursions and appreciate the nature’s bounty which accentuates by many degrees as the clouds shed their waters.

If you need help deciding what time will be the most adventurous or relaxing suiting to the kind of retreat you are looking for in Goa, here we are with all the information sorted on best time to visit Goa.

1) Peak Season


The tourists generally consider the time between the months of October to March as the best time to visit Goa. The weather then is generally calm and cool and all the facilities available to the travelers. It is an ideal time to visit the beaches which remain cooler and festivities abound the ambiance of the popular beaches.

The peak season in Goa is during the months of December and January owing to the mind blowing party scene prevalent here during the eve of Christmas and New Year’s. This is the time when most popular national and international DJ’s flock to Goa for celebrating the events.

Months: From, mid December to mid January, one can find the best time to visit Goa in its peak season.

Climate: The climate during the peak season remains near perfect every time. The approximate daytime temperature is about 32 degrees Celsius making it ideal to indulge in adventure sports and sightseeing in Goa. The relative humidity ranges between 33% which is comfortable and 85%, which is humid.

Rainfall: There is usually no chance of rains during these months in Goa. There is about 17mm of rainfall on just 1 day in the month in an average year during this season.

Places to see and things to do: During the peak season, Goa is the most crowded and you may be agitated to see the huge queues everywhere if you look for isolation and get disappointed. But there remain a number of sites which will fulfill your dream vacation just as you wished.


The most popular tourist attractions during the peak season are:

  • Beaches in Goa– The pristine beaches in Goa are a delight for every traveler offering a range of activities with their unique landscapes and ambience. These beaches are ideal for taking a morning stroll or for taking part in adventure sports.
  • Christmas and New Year Celebrations- The New Year and Christmas parties are spectacular and amazing in Goa. The beach shacks and nightclubs will leave you with an exhilarating experience at these events. You should also try to visit some churches in Goa namely Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral, Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, and the Church of St. Francis of Assisi where special festivities are organized this time of the year.
  • Goa Carnival Festival-This festival is held in late February or early March and one of the best events you can attend in this season. The festivities are filled with music and dancing, pageants and parades. The tourism department of Goa organizes various events and activities for tourists.
  • Other famous events- There is also the Mando Festival and the Feast of St. Francis Xavier which is held this time of the year.

Apart from the above activities, you can indulge in deep sea fishing, visiting a casino in Goa, a trip to Charao Island, witness the nesting of Olive Ridley turtles or go shopping at one of the famous flea markets.

2) Off Season


Visiting Goa is a lucrative option if you wish to cut on splurging on a vacation and enjoy the added advantage of the lack of crowds flocking to this popular tourist destination. Also many premium resorts in Goa offer heavy discounts and you can enjoy the best family holidays during this season. However, the

However, the offseason may get the worst of you due to the hot climate and lack of many activities to indulge in as they are made available only during the tourist season in Goa. Activities in Goa are available in the best season only.

Months: The months May to September are considered off-season in Goa.

Climate: During this season, the climate is hot and humid owing to the tropical location of Goa. May is usually the hottest month and it is only after the onset of rains from June that the temperature goes down. The relative humidity varies between 50%, which is mildly humid and 88% (very humid). The humidity rarely goes below 37% or reaches 100%.

Rainfall: The monsoon breaks in Goa around the 1st week of June. Most days will be a mixture of clouds, rain storms and sunny patches.

Places to see and things to do: During the off season, there is minimal activity that goes down in Goa. However, a few shacks may organize some parties during this season. Some beaches like Baga and Calangute remain open throughout the year and resorts are also less crowded.


The most popular places to see/activities during the off season are:

  • The Beaches- These shorelines in Goa remain a perpetual threat to the eyes with white glowing sands, azure waters and the cool breeze flowing over to the coast.
  • Try the famous Goan Cuisine- The restaurants and cafes here are known to serve delectable dishes. Some most popular outlets are Martin’s Corner in Betalbatim, Britto’s on Baga, Infantaria at Calangute, Curly’s on Anjuna, and Souza Lobo in Calangute.
  • Visit the festivities of Chikhalkar- The festival is celebrated on a huge village ground in Marcel which is surrounded by a number of temples. The local festival is a great way to learn more about Goan native life.
  • The Sao Joao festival-This festival is celebrated by the Catholic Community and a colorful sight as the youth sing and dance together to the beat of the ghumot and kansalle. People also get drunk with feni and jump into wells ponds or creeks, yelling, ‘Viva re Sao Joao’ making it a frolic carnival.

3) Rainy Season


The rainy season in Goa brings the much-needed relief from the high temperatures and becoming a fashion among tourists to plan a vacation during this time. The rough seas and high swells may make fail you in venturing out in the sea.

However, new opportunities open for adventure seekers with the rivers reaching their zenith during the monsoons. This is the best time to visit Goa if you wish to enjoy the nature in its full bloom making it the perfect to chill, to appreciate a more local side to Goa and to explore the luxuriant countryside spending some solitary moments.

Months: The period between June to September is the time when Goa gets its rainy season.

Climate: The weather remains pleasant and this season receives more than 90% of the annual rainfall. The average high stands around 30°C while the low falls to mid-teens. The humidity is very high, daytime temperatures are around +32-+34°C, at night they fall to +22-+24°C.

Rainfall: The average rainfall is approximately 325 cms. The rains are usually prolonged and seen everyday during the rainy season in Goa.

Places to see and things to do: Goa has its own appeal during the Monsoons with verdant greenery and stunning view of the beaches. Goa has much to offer in this season with its biodiversity, waterfalls and picturesque landscapes. It is the time when the rains refresh the land and brings an aura of romance to the air.


Some popular places to see/activities to do for the rainy season are:

    • Trek to Dudhsagar Waterfalls- One of the highest waterfalls in India, this place comes alive during the monsoons. Trekking through a railway track that winds through forests, tunnels and waterfalls is an extraordinary and elevating experience. Trekking in Goa is one of the best experience you can have there.
    • Visit the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary- This is the time when greenery abounds and you will love exploring the wildlife. The place also offers hiking trails and a chance to interact with tribals living here.
    • Enjoy White River Rafting- Rafting in Goa is one of the best ways to experience adventure during the monsoons. The enticing rains make the rivers swell up with frothing waters making it ideal to maneuver in rafting.
  • Spend some alone time by the beach-The beaches are far away from the noise and hordes of people during the rainy season. It is the perfect time to appreciate the immaculate beaches.

4) Season for Water sports


Goa is the must visit vacation spot on the off chance that you need to encounter the fervor of the different exciting and also fun-drawing in water games and activities.

The best time to visit Goa for getting a charge out of adventure water sports in Goa is from October to May when the skies here are cloudless and blue, and the waters genuinely serene. There are numbers of water based sports among which some of the most popular ones are discussed as follows.

Best water sports


Scuba Diving-Goa is a beautiful spot with myriad schools of fascinating marine life which makes for a great underwater adventure. Scuba Diving in Goa is available at Grande Island and Bats Islan.

Parasailing- High fliers amongst the speed lovers can opt for parasailing. It’s the simplest way to have the bird’s eye view of the coastline and the deep blue sea

Water skiing- Enjoy the exhilarating feeling of riding on the waves of the sea with the help of water skiing.

Swimming-The most common and relaxed activity is best enjoyed on the pristine beaches of Goa. The warm and sunny days in Goa make swimming more enjoyable and fun-filled.

Water Scooter-This action sport allows you to get the thrills of a motorbike with the smoothness of an ocean instead of hard tar road beneath the feet.

Banana Tube Boat Ride- Appreciate the exciting ride with your companions on this monster banana shaped boat as your turn ahead against the sea waves without any chances of being flipped over with this simple and easy sport.

Best places for water sports


Calangute Beach- Kayaking, wind surfing, jet-skiing, parasailing, banana ride, water surfing, etc.

Sinquerim Beach- Parasailing, water-skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving, jet-skiing and windsurfing etc

Baga Beach- Jet-skiing, parasailing, power scooter rides, scuba diving and snorkeling.

Dona Paula- Water-skiing, windsurfing, kayaking, snorkeling, parasailing, toboggan ski-biscuiting, sport fishing, harpoon fishing, ski-bobbing and yachting

Anjuna Beach- Scuba diving, wind surfing, paragliding, parasailing etc.

Majorda Beach- Jet-skiing, water skiing, parasailing, surfing and banana boat riding

Mobor Beach- Water skiing, banana bump rides, winch-boat parasailing, speed boat rides, windsurfing, kayaking and ringo rides.

Colva Beach- Jet-skiing, paragliding, banana boat riding, parasailing, snorkeling, motorboat and speed boat rides

20 Things to Experience Once in a Lifetime

(Last Updated On: August 23, 2017)

Throughout life most of us are so bogged down by responsibilities that have to be completed within specific time bound schedules that we barely get time to explore even the city or nation where we have been born or brought up. Travel broadens outlook and is crucial to having a fulfilled life that is far removed from the mundane time table of daily schedules.

The world around us is too beautiful to ignore one for the other, be it majestic mountains, shifting deserts and elegant man-made structures. Instead of waiting for retirement to start a world tour or nation-wide tour to all the places on your bucket list, it is best to step out of your comfort zone as and when time and budget permits so you can add new names to the list as you go along!

1) Visit Great wall of China




There is more to the Great Wall of China, than being one of Unesco’s World Heritage Site and a popular tourist spot among locals as well as foreign tourists. The structure stretching across 13170 miles is a sight to behold that stands strong and powerful even after 2000 years. Built as a defence mechanism to keep away marauding nomadic tribes from nearby deserts and mountains, the wall was created by Emperor Qin Shi Huang by using labourers comprising of soldiers and convicts that took them almost 9 years to connect small and large walls and make a strong fortified wall with towers and turrets.

How to reach Great Wall of China

The closest airport to this location is Beijing which is just an hour away from the site and is connected to all major cities in the world.  

Where can you stay:




If you are looking at accommodation close to Great Wall then these set of suites set within an elegant renovated house with separate bedrooms, private toilet, kitchen and lawn with common parking area are perfect for you.

These service apartments located within gated community which is safer for travellers and tourists. It has 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms and fully equipped kitchen with essential appliances.

What can you do there:  

Hiking and Trekking –It takes almost a couple of days to explore the entire stretch so there are group treks and hiking tours conducted by tour groups to explore the wall and countryside adjoining it.

Paragliding –Paragliding to tourists is offered on all sections of the wall but the best section is at Simatai where glide is of 1000 feet into the valley below.

Nan pass – Cloud Platform- Watch tower built of white marble that has beautiful statues of Buddha and writings.

Cable Car Ride at Mutianyu- This section located 45 miles from Beijing has several watchtowers that are connected by cable cars to each other.

Why we recommend it

Besides being one of the few surviving Wonders of the World, the Great Wall of China has interesting things for every tourist be it a history lover, casual onlooker or adventure sports enthusiast. The three best sections namely Jiayuguan, Shanhaiguan and Badaling offer breathtakingly beautiful views of local countryside along with options to shop and dine at places on the wall itself.   

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2) Sail the WhitSundays, Australia




Whitsunday Islands of Australia are popular among cruise tour providers and local yachting community for the beautiful reefs and day trips between these islands and the Airlie beach. The sheltered warm waters with easy to manage winds make it perfect for motor cruisers and bareboat sailing encouraging tourists to explore the island by swimming and snorkelling in the region.

How to reach Whitsunday Islands

The closest airports to this region are Whitsunday Airport and Hamilton Island airport that are within 20 – 30 minutes away and you can just hire a cab from airport to the location.

Where to stay




Tastefully decorated waterfront apartment with beautiful views of the ocean, this 3 bedroom apartment is located within Coral Sands resort itself.

Live in a single bedroom tropical oasis with its own swimming pool and within walking distance to Esplanade, casino, library and also the picturesque Cairns Harbor.

This well-equipped single bedroom apartment is perfect for budget conscious and is located close to Zoom Adventure Dome and restaurants.

What you can do there

Besides going on cruises around the islands, tourists can engage in diving along the Outer Reef region, take Jet Ski tours or even take a scenic flight on Air Whitsunday seaplanes.

Why we recommend it

The Whitsunday Islands are full of adventure and activities that people across all age groups would enjoy.

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3) Visit the Taj in Moonlight


Visit Taj Mahal by Moonlight ReadyClickAndGo



There is something magical and ethereal about the beauty of Taj Mahal that makes even the most poetic heart speechless with wonder at its sheer magnificence. Designed out of the finest marble, etched with exquisite handcrafted designs and embedded with precious stones, the structure is like a poem carved in marble for eternity. An aura of romance and tragedy surrounds the structure which was created to commemorate the memory of beloved wife of emperor Shah Jahan, whose tomb is placed inside the central structure.

How to reach Taj Mahal

The closest airports to the Taj Mahal are located New Delhi, Gwalior and Jaipur and as these are within 250 km radius you can just hire a cab or take a bus.

Where can you stay:




A beautiful homestay located just a kilometre away from the Taj Mahal with built in comfort of a spa and swimming pool. You can watch the elegant structure from the comfort of a balcony on romantic moonlit nights.

Tasteful one bedroom homestay within walking distance of Taj Mahal that is perfectly safe for couples and single lady travellers to stay and enjoy Indian hospitality.

If you are looking to experience hospitality with a touch of Indian art, music and culture that makes you feel like royalty without pinching the pocket then this is the best option.

What you can do there

Sightseeing around Taj Mahal – Agra has several historical buildings and monuments built during that Mughal era that have been preserved till date. The most popular tourist places within 20 km radius of the Taj Mahal are Agra Fort, Akbar’s Tomb, Mankameshwar Temple and Ram Bagh which is one of the oldest Mughal Gardens in India.

Why we recommend it

Taj Mahal is one of the most beautiful architectural structures in the world that has managed to retain its magical elegance over three hundred years. The intricate designs and motifs on its walls are as beautiful inside as outside and the gardens surrounding the structure make the experience of visiting this Unesco Heritage building a truly worthwhile experience.


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4) See wave of cherry blossoms in Japan




During the spring season, Japan’s countryside appears to be airbrushed with a slight pink tinge which is due to blossoming of cherry flowers that cover trees across the nation. This most anticipated of annual event attracts more than three million tourists from Japan and overseas that gather to watch the blossoming of 200 species of cherry flowers that bloom for a week in every region. Though the cherry blossoms are widespread across the country during spring, there are certain locations where the colours are particularly charming and festivals are conducted around them.

How to reach location

Tokyo International Airport is the best place to start your journey of viewing the cherry blossoms in Japan as it is connected to most major airports around the world.

Where can you stay:




If you want comfortable accommodation close to market area with facilities like free WiFi and parking space that also gives you privacy then this is it.

For a suitable location near forest area of Nakagusuku Bay this Japanese style room resort with American style furniture is perfect. Besides parking kitchen, vessels and comfortable furniture the place also has spacious parking facility. 

Lovely brick clad cottage in Onna resort with twin bedrooms and located close within walking distance of a private beach.

What you can do there

Boating – Gliding along a river with trees of cherry blossoms spilling flowers onto the boat is a romantic experience that will turn even the hardest hearted person into a poet.

Why we recommend it

While Japan has several other tourist attractions like famous buildings, temples, hot springs and even a live volcano, we recommend this period between March and May as the best time to visit the country so that you can enjoy the true splendour of its natural beauty along with the spirit of local festivities.  


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 5) Visit THE SALAR DE UYUNI, Bolivia




The Salar de Uyuni or salt flat located in southwest region of Bolivia is the largest natural salt flat in the world located 11.995 feet above sea level which was created due to evaporation of prehistoric lakes. This 4000 square mile large salt plain spread across the Altiplano plateau becomes a sensational tourist attraction during the rainy season as it glistens like a mirror due to thin sheet of water over the salt layer. The layer of water turns the salt plane into a beautiful reflective surface and it becomes the largest mirror in the world. Tourists to Bolivia consider their visit incomplete if they are unable to make a trip to this geographic marvel that is an incredible representation of the harsh beauty of nature.

How to reach

The closest airport to Salar De Uyuni is La Paz and from there tourists can take buses or vans for an eight hour drive to the town of Uyuni. There are few direct flights to La Paz from Europe or other international airports, so the best bet is to travel from South American nations or Madrid in Spain.

Where can you stay:




To experience the true essence of this out of the world location this large house is ideal for couples and large groups as it also provides comfort of private garden and barbecue.

This elegantly designed two bedroom apartment with spacious living quarters is close to   supermarkets, grocery stores and ATM, restaurants and laundry stores.   

What you can do there

Visit to train graveyard – There are several abandoned trains on salt plane located 2 miles outside of Uyuni town with old tracks that were used during mining era.

Watching flamingo flocks- Every winter during November, three species of flamingos and 80 other bird species come to the Salar de Uyuni for nesting.

Why we recommend it

Visit to Salar de Uyuni is a unique experience that cannot be explained in mere words and has to be seen to feel its magnificence. From the thrill of feeling on the world’s edge while standing on the shiny sheet of water to watching the pink flamingos flying and walking across to the desolate looking abandoned trains, every object and experience here is unique and magical in itself.


Accommodation Options in La Paz


6) Explore Galapagos Islands, Ecuador




A visit to the enchanting Galapagos Islands in Ecuador is on every global tourist’s bucket list for exploring its picturesque landscape, wildlife and diving into its sparkling blue waters. This remote archipelago comprising of 19 large islands and several small islets is located 620 miles away from marine coast of Ecuador and is made up of barren black volcanic rocks, rough vegetation and verdant white beaches. As only three islands are inhabited and the Galapagos are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, few islands are not open to tourists and are explored by cruise boats to avoid disturbing the natural flora, fauna and marine life.

How to reach

Flights to Galapagos Islands of Santa Cruz and San Cristobal are available from Quito and Guayaquil in Ecuador. From these islands one can take cruises to visit the other islands and explore the local flora and fauna.

Where can you stay:




A spacious vacation home with a private balcony that provides sweeping view of the blue ocean, along with comfortable access to market and bay.  It has 2 bedrooms with three beds and 1 bath to easily accommodate four people.

Luxury lodge that has the comforts of suites with separate bedrooms and attached bathrooms also provides private suites with balconies overlooking the bay that are perfect for both couples and solo travelers.  

What you can do there

Snorkelling and Diving- Visit to Galapagos Islands is incomplete without exploring its marine wildlife and that can be done by diving and snorkelling expeditions from Wolf and Darwin Islands or the San Cristobal Island. These trips will allow you to swim alongside gentle creatures like sea lions and giant sea turtles besides schools of jack fish and lone hammerhead sharks.

Hiking- As the islands are protected, tourists have to explore them by hiking along clearly defined paths to view its wildlife and volcanic craters. Hikers can walk to the top of Sierra Negra, world’s second largest volcano caldera or walk across its mangrove estuaries and beaches.

Why we recommend it

Visiting Galapagos Islands is a lifetime experience as its unique ecosystem and equally unique land and water wildlife cannot be seen anywhere in the world. The sheer thrill of watching these creatures in their natural habitat and allowing them to touch you can become the stuff of legends that you can brag about to generations of less travelled friends and family.

Best Homestays in Galapagos Islands


7) Bed down in an igloo, Canada




For most of us, igloos and Eskimos are stuff of legends that cannot be part of a tourist experience as it requires acclimatization to freezing temperatures. But did you know that experience of living within an Igloo is now possible in certain locations like Canada, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Scotland and Germany.  Every year an ice hotel and small cave like igloos are carved out of winter snow in Canada with interior details like furniture, wall décor, ceiling and candelabras also carved out of the same snow.

How to reach

Take a flight into Ontario International airport that has direct flights from United States and European Union.

Where can you stay:




Enjoy staying within walking distance of the majestic Niagara Falls and other tourist attractions in a beautiful retreat style accommodation with private balcony and sun deck to chill out.

For condominium style accommodation that is luxurious and safe which provides scenic view of lake and stadium from the balcony this one is ideal.

If simple townhouses are more your type then this elegant house with 3 separate bedrooms and attached bathrooms are perfect accommodation for everyone.

What you can do there

Since the stay in the igloo in itself is an experience, there are little activities in these areas except driving for short distances on snowmobiles or enjoying an outdoor hot tub and sauna attached to the facility itself.

Why we recommend it

So you can live the childhood dream of living in an actual igloo and enjoy the experience.

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8) Tomatina Festival, Spain


The World's Biggest Tomato Fight At Tomatina Festival 2013...BUNOL, SPAIN - AUGUST 28: Two Revellers kiss each other covered in tomato pulp while participating the annual Tomatina festival on August 28, 2013 in Bunol, Spain. An estimated 20,000 people threw 130 tons of ripe tomatoes in the world's biggest tomato fight held annually in this Spanish Mediterranean town. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)


Want to take part in a cultural extravaganza that involves throwing tomatoes at other fellow humans without getting arrested for unruly behaviour? Then head to the Spanish town of Bunol for its annual festival called Tomatina held in August each year. During this festival, nearly 150,000 low quality tomatoes are brought into the city in trucks that pass through the streets distributing and hurling them at revellers on the streets between 11am to 1pm. Once the trucks pass and the festival is declared, fire-fighters wash the streets with water and revellers also use this opportunity to wash themselves under high speed jets.

How to reach

Take a flight to Valencia International Airport that is connected to 20 European nations.  Train journey to Bunol which is just 40 km away takes just an hour though one can also take a local bus or hire a car to the venue.

Where can you stay:




You will love this opportunity of staying in a traditional Mallorcan house with en-suite bathrooms in all the 3 bedrooms.

Within walking distance of the beach and bus stop, this townhouse complex has three pools and Jacuzzi with twin terraces. All its three bedrooms are fully equipped with modern amenities.

Tourists looking for a luxurious home will fall in love with this  2 floor, 5-bedroom house complete with a private garden and barbecue.

What you can do there

Explore Valencia which is a third largest city in Spain by taking a touristy ride on horse carriage around the city square. You can also explore the historical cathedrals, take a stroll around the beach or go on a shopping spree.

Why we recommend it

Taking part in this festival is highly recommended if you are in this part of the world during August as helps you to shed inhibitions and bond with strangers that just want to celebrate life to the fullest.

Accommodation Options in Valencia


9) See Blackpool Illuminators in England


BHB03R Show Boat, Blackpool Tower and Illuminations, Lancashire, England


The sight of numerous little twinkling lights in various colours lighting up the night sky is something that enchants people of all ages which explains the popularity of Britain’s Blackpool Illuminations that is called as “greatest free light show on earth”. During this festival that is celebrated in Blackpool along the Fylde Coast of Lancashire, over one million bulbs are lit for sixty six days between August and November. Every year the main switch is switched on by a local celebrity on a special arena that illuminates the entire stretch of six miles with one stroke.

How to reach

The best way to reach Blackpool in time for the lightning event is to take a flight into London and then travel by train to the location. This is most advisable and safe as Blackpool is around 324 km away and train from London and it takes approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes to reach. Buses connecting both the cities take around 7 ½ hour to cover the distance.

Where can you stay:




If comfort and convenience is what you are looking for then opt for this contemporary apartment that is a stone’s throw from London’s night life. Click to know more

Want a quiet place where you can just laze around on a comfy sofa away from the hustle bustle of city life, then try this nook style studio apartment perfect for a couple.  

Cozy inviting space that is within a stone’s throw of Tower of London and also within close proximity to bus stop, here are the details.

What you can do there

Besides enjoying enchanting festival of lights during the night, the entire town of Blackpool comes alive during the 66 day period with several events, exhibitions and interesting amusement options for the entire family. From circus performances to drama, comedy shows and cabaret performances you can enjoy them all throughout the day and night.

Why we recommend it

This is another ‘once in a lifetime’ event that will bring you closer to the art and culture of England’s historical past. Instead of roaming across the country to understand it better, attend this one enlivening event to have deeper knowledge about the cuisine, lifestyle and depreciative sense of humour of the English.

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10) Explore land of fairy chimneys, Turkey




If you want to experience the mysticism of ancient civilizations then Turkey is the place to be which even has magical fairy chimneys gifted by nature to enhance its aura of supernatural structures. While the practical minded say that these chimneys are a natural phenomenon in Cappadocia region of Turkey which was created by erosion of volcanic ash, romantics still would like to associate them to magical creatures. These tall 130 feet basalt pillars shaped like giant chimneys created due to natural erosion of solid rock that came into being due to volcanic ash deposits in the region. During Roman era, these chimneys became the abode of persecuted Christians that turned them into cave dwelling complexes which were later used by locals as temporary shelters against invaders by barricading the entrances with stone doors and traps.

How to reach

There are regular Turkish Airlines flights from Istanbul to Nevsehir, Cappadocia and Kayseri which is close to Cappadocia. There are overnight buses from Istanbul to Cappadocia that takes around 11 hours.

Where can you stay:




If a fully equipped accommodation with all modern kitchen implements is your idea of a holiday home then reserve this lovely apartment with single bedroom and spacious living room.

When in Istanbul, book your stay in this beautiful apartment located close to historical monuments of the walled city and also the Grand Bazaar, with comfortable rooms and attached bathrooms.

This convenient accommodation with single beds and compact rooms within walking distance to the Bodrum Marina Yacht Club city is located within easy reach of other attractions like ATV Safari.

What you can do there

Cappadocia Balloon tour- For a bird’s eye view of the rugged terrains and planes of Cappadocia, its famous balloon tour is an absolute must have, that may depend on wind and weather but is generally available throughout the year.

Tour of Cappadocia’s fairy chimneys- This day long tour from Goreme, takes visitors through old settlements within the fairy chimneys and sections that are still inhabited along with exploration of the largest underground city Kaymakli.

Why we recommend it

Turkey is a land of enduring culture and landscapes and this region with multiple adventure sports options is no different. With hot baths and restaurants with free beer and belly dancers that will make you feel like royalty, this region of fairy chimneys is sure to charm you.

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11) Pad around Golden Rock, Myanmar




The majestic Golden Rock located on the summit of Mount Kyaiktiyo in Myanmar, is one of the most sacred sites for Buddhists around the world. The most amazing part of this unique structure is the huge rock perched precariously on the hillside for several decades now which remains balanced due to a legendary strand of Lord Buddha’s hair placed there by a devout king. The Golden Rock with a small 24 feet tall golden pagoda on top represents the head of Buddhist monks and male devotees have a practice of attaching small leaves of gold to the rock which has given the granite rock a golden layer over the years.

How to reach

Yangon is the closest international airport to the Golden Rock which is connected to most large airports in Asia. Due to its precarious location, travellers have to take a bus or car from Yangon which is a five hour drive to villages close to the Golden Rock like Kinpun. From here one has to take special vehicles designed for the half hour ride to Mount Kyaiktiyo which are actually small open trucks with seats arranged in rows.

Where can you stay:




Enjoy the true essence of Myanmar’s hospitality within elegant interiors and a bird’s eye view of Yangon city by staying in this homestay .  

After a tiring journey to the Golden Rock and back, all you will need is a hot shower and comfortable bed or a relaxing evening with a hot drink on a panoramic balcony.  You will get to experience this at this hotel.

Situated in the picturesque village of Nyaung Shwe, this beautiful resort offers all the facilities of a full-fledged hotel and is ideal for people that like a touch of homeliness.

What you can do there

Yangon is home to some of the most beautiful pagodas of which the most prominent is the Shwedagon Pagoda that is plated in gold, followed by Sule Pagoda which is now more of a government building. When in Yangon, do not forget to visit temple of reclining Buddha decorated with jewels at Chaukhtatgyi Paya which is 65 meter long.

Why we recommend it

The view of the mountain ridges from base camp of Kinpun to the top of Kyaikto in Mon State or Eastern Yoma mountains is an experience that is out of this world.

Best Options in Yangon


 12) Skydiving from Mt. Everest in Nepal




The existence of the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest has made this tiny Himalayan nation a must visit location for all aspiring seasoned mountaineers and hiking enthusiasts. But few know that skydiving is also a part of Everest’s overall experience and seasoned skydivers can jump from 30,000 feet to the base camp from where trekking to Everest summit actually starts. This experience will dwarf everything that you would felt as a skydiver till date as nowhere else will you view such a ravishing landscape or danger to life and limb.

How to reach

The Tribhuvan International Airport at Nepal’s capital Kathmandu is connected to all major international airports of Asia and Europe.

Where can you stay:




For a peaceful homestay with a scenic balcony opening up to greenery all around and necessary amenities along with indoor swimming pool and tennis court is the most appropriate.

This picturesque BB is ideal for small families and couples as it is also located within walking distance to the city’s prominent monuments and parks.

What you can do there

While the towering Everest is the most prominent part of Nepal’s tourism activities, there are several other interesting activities and locations to explore in this nation. While rappelling, rock climbing, white water rafting, hiking and skiing are major adventure sports that one can indulge in here, you can also take sightseeing trips to famous temples.

Why we recommend it

Every bit of Nepal has something unique for travellers from societies around the globe and its ability to make everyone comfortable is its true essence. The best part of Nepal’s culture is the friendly nature of its people and reasonable rates of stay and travel.

Budget Homestays in Kathmandu


13) Zorbing in New Zealand




Zorbing or Sphering is a recreational sport that has gained popularity across the world but it is best experienced in gentle undulating hills of New Zealand. Imagine rolling across grass and stones and watching the terrain below like a roller coaster without any fear of getting hurt as you are within a transparent ball. To increase the excitement you can take the ride with another person or have a wet ride with jets of water within the ball sprinkling water on the riders.

How to reach

Zorbing in New Zealand is done in Rotorua and Bay of Plenty while there is an international airport at Rotorua, tourists can also arrive at Tauranga Airport and head to Rotorua which is just 69 km away.

Where can you stay:




Elegant vacation home located close to Orewa Beach is within easy walking distance of shopping area and other attractions.

Auckland is the place to be if you want to do zorbing throughout the day along with other adventure sports and this 1 bedroom apartment is just perfect for relaxing after a long tiring day.

Cozy Suite in the best area of Quito is a perfect accommodation for your vacation if you are in small group or on a trip with friends. With cafes and restaurants at a stone’s throw distance, this place is also a hub for foodies who love to munch.

A cosy lakeside resort with several bedroom options and heated swimming pool is just the thing you would need after a long day of touring around the city.

What you can do there

Besides taking a tour around the countryside to explore its pristine wildlife, adventure sports enthusiasts can try out black water rafting which has been popular since 1987 along with new activities like zip lining, skydiving, bungee jumping and jet boat tours.

Why we recommend it

This is the ultimate place for adventure sports junkies to try out all the easy and tough sports that they have imagined in their lives.

Lookout for Best Homestays


14) Wingsuit Flying in Berlin, Germany




Wingsuit flying is an extreme sport that is a combination of skydiving and base jumping and is meant for seasoned flyers that are used to being suspended several thousand feet in the air. A wingsuit flier in this sport enters the free fall zone by wearing a special wingsuit and parachute paraphernalia and uses wing-like hands and legs to guide him during initial flight downwards and then use the parachute for a safe landing. In Berlin, the sport is practiced on the Ruppiner Land Airport located in the northwest region of Berlin.

How to reach

All major airports around the world are connected directly to Berlin International Airport.

Where can you stay




You will love staying in this cosy one bedroom apartment with fully equipped kitchen and private garden that blends together classic harmony with modern design.

What you can do there

Historical Berlin has beautiful museums and historical buildings to explore and amazing sports options for extreme sports enthusiasts like to skydiving, zorbing and trekking.

Why we recommend it

Germany is a nation with history and culture that will take several visits for the average traveller to grasp it all.

Budget Homestays in Berlin


15) Volcano Trekking in Bali




Spread over 6000 square kilometres, Bali is one of the most famous islands of Indonesia and is adorned by beautiful lakes, mountains, rivers and an expansive beach famous for adventure activities and relaxation. Visitors to Bali can also trek to its only active volcano on Mount Batur along with Mount Agung and Bratan. While Batur is the most active with frequent eruptions, Mount Agung is a stratovolcano that influences local climate. The view of Bratan Caldera is spectacular to say the least as you can circle around the rim and take a peek at the crater’s depths which contains three lakes.

How to reach

Bali is close to Denpasar Airport that has connections to most international airports.

Where can you stay:




Enjoy your stay in a traditional Balinese bungalow with a private pool, kitchen and entertainment areas. Located within walking distance to shopping area the villa is just 10 minutes driving distance of Seminyak Beach, Petitenget Beach and Double Six Beach.

The perfect villa for couples and small families, with all amenities and a beautiful garden and pool offers free airport pickup and local driver for easy maneuverability about town if required.

Make your Bali trip memorable by booking into this beautiful villa in North Kuta area, which includes services of guides and drivers for a small fee when required.

What you can do there

The beautiful landscape and temperature of Bali may lull you into sleeping on a hammock throughout the day but force yourself to take a group tour by jeep to explore its countryside of paddy fields or cycle around. You can undertake several adventure sports like kayaking, snorkeling, skydiving and quad bike riding or reef cruise to see its marine life from close quarters.

Best Homestays for Honeymooners


16) Dirt Biking in Cambodia




Every dirt bike enthusiast in Asia does not consider his initiation complete if he has not explored the toughest trail in the continent between Phnom Penh to Siem located in Cambodia. This sport became famous in the country as several companies organize guided tours for biking enthusiasts with detailed maps about biking tracks and roads that they can follow to reach desired destination.

How to reach

Both Phnom Penh Airport and Siem Reap International airports are linked to major airports in Asia and Europe throughout the year.

Where can you stay:




Comfortable 3 bed duplex apartment with a hot tub, Jacuzzi and large patio overlooking the river in Central Phnom Penh. One could not ask for more.

Spacious bedrooms with attached bathrooms that are close to Siem Reap Airport and all local attractions make this spacious resort with spa and private garden an ideal place to stay.

Named after Cambodia’s famous historical relic temple, this hotel provides all modern amenities at budget prices and is within walking distance of city’s entertainment areas.

What you can do there

If dirt biking is not your cup of tea then there are more painless ways to explore the beautiful hills and valleys of Cambodia by guided safaris or cab tours. For milder forms of adventure sports, try out zip-lining, quad biking or take a ride on micro light aircraft for a bird’s eye view of beautiful paddy fields.

Why we recommend it

Several parts of Cambodia are still unexplored and you can set a precedent by discovering new beaches and bike trails for others to follow that can be bragged about to friends and family for generations!! Who knows you may find another hidden temple in its jungles!

Best Homestays in Cambodia


17) Bike trip in Ladakh, India




The rough terrain of Ladakh and harsh temperature coupled with constant threat of landslides make this region a challenge for every biking enthusiast in India. The narrow winding roads across rugged mountains where military jeeps were the only means of travel till recently, have become a tourist destination for bikers and adventure junkies who want to explore the beauty of this unexplored terrain.

How to reach

While bikers prefer to drive up to the mountains by road via Delhi, Chandigarh, Jammu or Srinagar, tourists that just want to enjoy the local scenery can fly into Leh Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport from any of these cities.

Where can you stay:

Stay in a lovely Himalayan tent cottage with all amenities like furniture and restrooms to taste paradise. Located on the banks of Indus river close to Thiksey Monastery.

What you can do there

Visiting the serene and peaceful Diskit Monastery at Gompa is a regular practice after which you can trek on the Chadar trail or Stok Kangri trail to enjoy the pure mountain air and afterwards explore the town on foot to taste local cuisine and see the stupas and museums. Bikers can drive along in groups to the beautiful lakes at higher altitudes like the Tso Moriri and others.

Why we recommend it

The unspoilt terrain of Ladakh and the sheer majesty of mountain peaks with puffs of clouds that seem just within an arm’s reach compels you to bring along a kindred soul next time that shares the same love for raw nature and adventure.

Lookout for Homestays!


18) Off-Roading in Dubai


mercedes gclass 001


Dubai, the shopping mecca of Asia ranks high on most tourists from both European and Asian nations. This desert city with several landmarks to its credit like the tallest building in the world is also recognized for adventure sports like off-roading tours on the Arabian desert by four wheelers and dirt bikes.

How to reach

Dubai is connected to all major airports of the world

Where can you stay:



Clear view of the marina with comforts like health club, swimming pool, sauna and squash courts, would you want anything more? Explore the details and book your stay in this holiday home.

If luxury is your aim then this spacious apartment with a balcony overlooking the Arabian Sea and Jumeirah Palm Island is the perfect homestay for you on The Dubai Marina.

Traveling with family? Then this eclectic apartment on a high rise overlooking the JBR Beach is perfect as it has two swimming pools along with gym area, an ideal homestay for comfort and convenience.

What you can do there

If you are a watersports enthusiast then explore Dubai’ beaches with sea kayaking or wakeboarding. Understand about its wildlife conservation by touring its mangroves to view unique flora and fauna.

Why we recommend it

Besides being a desert city, Dubai has several opportunities for every tourist. ranging from mundane like shopping and boating to thrilling like skydiving, fly-boarding and even sand-boarding.

Luxurious Homestays in Dubai


19) Snowkiting in Switzerland




Snowkiting is an outdoor winter sport wherein players use the power of their large kites to glide on snow and ice like water kiteboarding. But the sport is different from the latter as different footwear and terrain is being used and ideally beginners should take a course before starting on their own. In Switzerland, this sport is practiced in Simplon Pass region near Brig, Grimsel Pass, Leukerbad and lastly, Lake Silvaplana in the Engadine Valley which was the birthplace of snowkiting.

How to reach

While it is easier to take a flight into Milan, Italy and take a cab or train into Brig, tourists can also fly into Sion or Zurich and then take a train, bus or car to the snowkiting destination.

Where can you stay:




This cozy two bedroom apartment within close proximity to Zurich main station which also gives fantastic views of mountains from the balcony has all amenities one could ask for in a holiday home.

Recently renovated four bedroom apartment with traditional floor stones and wooden interiors with large terrace and sauna and located in the heart of skiing capital of Valais.

Perfectly positioned in the heart of Morcote, this two bedroom apartment is located right inside a 400 year old house that has recently been modernised.

What you can do there

Take a train tour to explore the scenic locations in Switzerland or take part in adventure sports during summer like cycling and hiking as rest of the time everything is covered in snow. Popular winter sports like snow biking, snow tubing and Ski Joring are unforgettable experiences if you can withstand the cold.

Why we recommend it

Switzerland is a truly amazing country that offers a wide choice of places to explore and sports to try out for tourists whether it is summer or winter.

Best Homestays in Valais, Switzerland


20) Celebrate the Loy Krathong Festival of Light, Thailand




Loy Krathong is an annual festival that is celebrated across Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia and even Sri Lanka under different names. During this festival, a handmade basket of banana tree trunk and banana leaves is designed by holding it together with pins which is then filled with flowers and left to float on local waterways on full moon day of 12th month in Thai lunar calendar. The modern Loy Krathong festival in Thailand is celebrated with fireworks and local beauty contests usually during mid or end of November. During this period people earlier floated paper lanterns into the sky at night but due to hazards it may cause to airplanes, people now hang them on their homes and gardens.

How to reach

As the festival is celebrated across the nation travellers can fly into Bangkok which is connected to all major airports around the world.

Where can you stay:




A neat two bedroom condo within walking distance of BTS Skytrain with all amenities and extras like swimming pool, gym, supermarket, coffee  shop and even a massage parlor  

This centrally located 1 bedroom studio apartment with close proximity to BTS Phunaweti Station has a swimming pool, fitness area and spacious living quarters. It’s close to supermarkets, grocery stores and other places of tourist interest.

 A spacious 2 bedroom apartment in the heart of Bangkok within walking distance of MRT Huaykwang station offers easy access to museums, markets, and nightlife of the city.

What you can do there

You can take part in the Loy Krathong festivities by driving over to the nearest lake or river closest to your hotel or vacation home and floating your own krathong. Thailand is ideal for island cruises, adventure sports like rafting and kayaking and also local sight seeking tours.

Why we recommend it

Thailand caters to the taste and pocket of the luxury adventure seeker with same enthusiasm as a budget tourist so you will not go back disappointed for lack of experience.


Stunning Homestays in Bangkok


Perfect Hack for all your travel woes

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Phuket, Thailand Travel Guide – Must-See Attractions
Phuket is an island off the south-west coast of Thailand in Asia.
The most important places to visit in Phuket are: Phang Nga Bay, Old Phuket Town, Bangla Road Nightlife, Wat Chalong and Phuket Temples, Big Buddha, Phi Phi Island and many more.
This video offers a lot of tips to help you plan the perfect vacation. If you want to save time and money, the most important Phuket travel tip is to compare prices before booking a hotel room or a flight. You can do this for free on, a site that searches through hundreds of other travel websites in real time for the best travel deals available.

Still Dreaming? – Live Your Life – THAILAND – GoPro Travel

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External USB 3.0 Hard Drive (2TB for lots of files)
Camera Memory Card (64GB)
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TRAVEL THAILAND ICE CREAM ROLLS RECIPE : my new video ICE PAN Thai street food trip shopping travel

Traditional and authentic. Discover and Explorer Thailand. Magic. Extreme and impressive Thailand. Amazing Food and travel Thailand video on youtube. Top recipe. Explorer and discover Thailand. Sometime impressive and extreme country but amazing. Thailand is : nice, beautiful, crazy, funny, extreme, hot, impressive, incredible, giant, safe, cool, relax, mysterious, sweet, cheap, easy, magic, hard, good, extra, super, top, ….. Many thai food recipe : papaya salad, noodles soup, pad thai recipe, seafood salad recipe, pancake recipe, chicken curry recipe, masaman curry recipe, donuts recipe, tom yam recipe, coconut milk recipe, ice cream recipe, fried rice, fired chicken, prawns, beef or pork, thai peanuts pork, coconut soup, pineaple chicken curry, peanuts butter noodles, chicken satay, green curry or red curry chicken, spicy garlic and pepper shrimp, chili chicken…… Thailand is a very good and nice destination for a perfect and nice holiday. What to see, to do, to eat and place to visit in Thailand. When we thinks Thailand we thinks : Thai boxing, Thai recipe and Thai food, Temple, Buddha, sexy thai girls… But also aquatic water park and funfair….The life is good, people are very nice and kind, the Thai food, Thai kitchen, Thai food dishes and all Thai food recipe are fantastic and cheap, the beaches amazing and the weather very nice. Paradise for diving, snorkeling, fishing, relaxing, spearfishing in Thailand….Very good country and place for Thai shopping. Shopping in Bangkok Thailand. Good destination for Honeymoon and best weeding. Dream travel and the best and nicer place to see in Thailand.. Good deal and good life. Traveling in Thailand is very easy. Bangkok is also Thai boxing, patpong street with many night bar and sexy girl, king palace, Temple, famous river Chaopraya, Lumphini parc, hard rock café, giant and big bubbha, khaosan road and many other place. Traditional and authentic Thai food recipe.
Thailand is a very good, easy, cheap and save destination for a very nice Holiday. If you like a nice culture, a nice Temple, good and cheap food, good people, easy life its the best destination in the world for all the family, Honeymoon or a nice weeding. Safe and easy for child. Shopping in Bangkok Thailand. Many famous Star and international Star like: PSY «gangnam style», justin Bieber, Stromae, david guetta, katy perry, Rihanna or some French artist Cyprien and Norman love Thailand.
Thailand, officially the Kingdom of Thailand, formerly known as Siam, is a country at the centre of the Indochinese peninsula in Mainland Southeast Asia. It is bordered to the north by Myanmar and Laos, to the east by Laos and Cambodia, to the south by the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia, and to the west by the Andaman Sea and the southern extremity of Myanmar. Its maritime boundaries include Vietnam in the Gulf of Thailand to the southeast, and Indonesia and India on the Andaman Sea to the southwest.Thailand city : Chiang Mai, Hat Yai, Phitsanulok, Pattaya, Surat Thani, Chiang Rai, Trang, Rayong, Ayutthaya, Hua-Hin, Chumphon, Krabi, Lopburi, Phetchaburi, Ranong, Satun, Sukkhotai…..Voyager en Thailande c'est tres facile. Quoi voir en Thailande, quoi visiter, quoi manger et quoi faire….Un marché nocturne avec des centaines de vendeurs: des cuisines et cantines qui proposent des plats Thai et des recettes Thai incroyable a des prix vraiment pas cher et succulent. Il y en a partout en Thaïlande: Chiang Mia, Bangkok, Koh samui, Krabi, Phuket, Sukkothai…….
Parfois extrême et impressionnante, Authentique et originale, la Thailande reste une destination facile, incroyable, belle pour tout le monde petit et grand, avec ou sans enfants. Sûrement une des meilleures cuisines au monde et les plus belles vacances au monde. La Thailande est sûrement le pays pour réussir vos plus belles vacances du monde ou votre plus beau voyage du monde.Une belle destination pour une lune de miel ou un mariage au bout du monde. Possibilité de faire des vacances pas cher et formidable en Thaïlande .La vie est belle, les gens adorables, la nourriture incroyable avec des dizaines de recettes Thai et de fantastiques plats thai. Une tres belle destination pour les amoureux de temple, de culture, de tradition, de coutume, de soleil, de belle plage, de sable blanc, de cocotier…Le paradis des plongeurs en bouteilles et des chasseurs sous marins. Chasse sous marine en Thailande……..Des vacances sans risque et sans danger….Voyages de reves et les plus beaux beaux lieux et sites touristiques a voir en Thailande..Parc aquatique et fete foraine sont aussi en Thailande.
les plus beaux lieux de Thaïlande Cuisine et recettes de Thaïlande Vacances de rêves en Thaïlande
самые красивые места в Таиланде приготовления пищи и рецепты из Таиландa
мечтать отпуск в Таиланде

The Famous Bangkok Thailand Street Food Noodle – Huge Seafood and Dim sum Jompalang Noodle

Hello Everyone., Welcome to my FOOD and TRAVEL Chanel.

My name is Waa Usap. I live in Bangkok Thailand which is the city that has lots of Street Foods all around, I like to walking around and buy some delicious foods from the markets and Also I love TRAVELING and i would like to share my memory about my trip in this channel with you.

Thanks for watching my videos and if you would like to ask or how do you think about the taste of the foods plz make a comment below,

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Hope you enjoy have a great wonderful day ^^

The Best Full Moon Party Video Ever | Koh Phangan, Thailand | Amazing New Year | HD

Подпишись на наш YouTube канал

Самая крутая вечеринка на свете Full Moon Party, которая проходит раз в месяц на острове Koh Phangan (Ко Панган) в Таиланде во время полнолуния. Нам посчастливилось побывать на Фул Мун Пати и снять это офигенное видео!!!! ЕЕЕЕЕЕееееееееееее!!!!! Все происходит на пляже Haad Rin (Хаад Рин). Транс (trance), техно (techno), драм-энд-бэйс (drum&bass), хаус (house), регги (reggi), хип-хоп (hip-hop). Здесь каждый найдет себе музыку по душе и по вкусу!

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Бали, Индонезия, Bali, Indonesia

Европа, Италия, Финляндия, Эстония, Швеция, Германия и т.д.

Самуи, Таиланд, Samui Island, Thailand

Ко Чанг, Таиланд, Koh Chang, Thailand

Вьетнам, Муйне, Vietnam, Mui Ne

Лапландия, Финляндия, Lapland, Finland

О нашем канале: он про самостоятельные путешествия — Своим Ходом. Мы рассказываем, как путешествовать по странам без туроператора. Путешествуем уже несколько лет по нашей удивительной планете. Снимаем уникальные, качественные видео с воздуха и с земли, делаем захватывающие съемки с высоты птичьего полета самых красивых уголков нашей планеты. Пишем много полезной информации про самостоятельные путешествия для начинающих и опытных путешественников в наших Instagram и YouTube. Вы можете смотреть путешествие онлайн прямо с экранов своих компьютеров, планшетов и телефонов. Добро пожаловать на наш видеоблог про путешествия!

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GoPro HERO 3 Black Edition, Canon 6D

В других видео мы также используем:
GoPro HERO 3+ и GoPro HERO 4

Во многих видео принимает участие квадрокоптер DJI Phantom и DJI Phantom 2, на которые установлена камера GoPro 4. Благодаря им мы снимаем видео с воздуха. Максимальная высота полета 2 километра. Дальность полета также 2 километра.

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