Dubai International Airport and Duty Free shops

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Hi, my name is Eduardo, and this is "Travel".
The "Travel Video Blog".
And I'm at the Duty Free, or, yeah, the Duty Free of the…
Dubai airport. Just entered the…
the gate here, and I wanted just to show you the first impression.
It's not too big, to be honest.
I have to go, let me see, that way.
Let me see, I have to go that way.
113 and I have to go 115.
I guess it will be that way. This is 113?
Okay, I don't know which way I have to go, but I will show you where we are.
It's famous for the lotteries that they have.
I mean, that's one of the good things about the Duty Free in Dubai.
They have, for instance, this is a lottery.
You have one change in one thousand, let me show you, to win
a Harley Davidson.
And the price for the ticket, so they only issue a thousand tickets,
for the lottery for this motorcycle.
And the price for the ticket is 100 dirhams, which is something like,
$25 US, a bit less in euros.
About 22, 23 euros.
So, it's not a bad deal.
I mean, you have, how many times do you have a chance of one in one thousand.
Not many, so. And for the rest, it's a typical, big terminal,
with a lot of shops. Electronics are not bad.
Although you can probably buy some really good electronics in Dubai downtown.
But, let me see… Let me see…
What else to show you. Okay, this is electronics, a little shop.
Typical… I mean, buying Godiva in Dubai.
It should be the French, but I guess that is… if the price is right, why not.
And this is the terminal. It's nice. I mean, it's…
It looks big at first but it's, as I said,
it's not really that big.
It's likely… There's more terminal.
Today I had to wake up at 6 in the morning.
I'm having the flight at 8am.
So, right now, it's something like 7 in the morning.
So, if this looks like an evening thing, no, it's not an evening.
It's… early, early, early in the morning.
Which is a bit strange because you have all these lights and casinos,
and everything, and the lotteries, the raffle.
And you have the feeling that… that it's late at night.
But no.
Let me see, I want to see, actually I'm… This is another raffle, by the way.
This car. It's… a BMW.
And you have, how many tickets? A thousand tickets at…
500 dirhams. 500 dirhams each, so that is about 125 euros, I guess.
And… And you can win a BMW. That's not bad… not bad.
But, I'm looking for a… For a raffle for…
For a lottery for… For cash.
I know that in the past, there were plenty of cash raffles.
I remember there was like, prizes like, $1 million, and the ticket was like $100.
Something like that. So it's, it's not a bad deal.
And they, of course, the funny thing is that if you get the prize,
you get it in Dubai, tax free. And you can put it in a bank in Dubai,
and nobody will know.
If you live in New York or in the US, that is kind of an attractive proposal, isn't it?
But this is the terminal.
This is the check in area, which, probably they don't like me to record.
These are the… okay, I have to go that way.
Now I saw, it is 115, I have to go that way.
Let me see. Okay. Oops, sorry.
I'm getting on here..
So, here we go. More Duty Frees.
I'm Eduardo, and this is "Travel".
I hope you like the videos.
I hope you don't get tired of the videos.
Sorry, I have the trolley, I'm trying to hold the trolley up here.
And, I hope you like the videos and I hope you subscribe already
to the RSS feed space. See you.
I'm so bad with this.
I mean… I'm actually… I'm surprised by the way I'm…
Sorry for saying goodbye, and then not cutting it,
but, I'm surprised, because I'm used to doing this in Spanish.
And I'm kind of, okay, I can do it reasonably well.
I'm not… I don't feel embarrassed or anything.
But in English, that's the problem, that…
Many people understand you when you are talking in English,
so you are walking around with a camera in your face,
saying things and you know everybody's understanding you.
I mean, in Spanish, at least nobody understands, or, I can say anything.
But anyway, that was it. Until the next video.
. . . . . . . . . . . .
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